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Free and Low-Cost Tools

Good tools can make a skilled craftsman better. Below are online resources and tools to assist in a cybersecurity professional's ability to mature their cybersecurity posture.

CDE scoping, including identifying and defining where payment cards are stored, is critical for compliance. The following free and low-cost tools can be used to search your networks and systems for payment card data:

Organizations are required to implement file-integrity monitoring tools that alert employees to unauthorized modifications of critical system, configuration, and content files. The following free file integrity monitoring tools can be used for this requirement:

Organizations may want to implement intrusion-detection systems (IDS) and/or intrusion-prevention systems (IPS) to monitor all traffic at the perimeter of the data environment (DE) and at critical points inside the DE. The following free IDS/IPS tools can be used for this requirement:

Network monitoring tools can be used to ensure that NIST-required controls and process (e.g. SSH, SLL) are correctly running. The following free network monitoring tools are often seen by Coalfire during PCI assessments:

You can use the following free tools to manage passwords:

Organizations should regularly detect and identify wireless access points (WAPs) within their environments. The following free and low-cost tools can be used to detect and identify WAPs:

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Industry Leading Organizations & Certifications

In today's competitive industry, having a certification and clear direction for your career path will help a cybersecurity professional stand out to highlight their knowledge base.

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Government Agencies

As a cybersecurity professional, there is a need to work with partners to defend against today's threats and collaborating to build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

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Technical Publications & Security Research

In a climate where technology is constantly evolving, research and articles can help keep a cybersecurity professional up-to-date. The following publications are targeted for IT staff such as best practice guides and security research.

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