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New Federal Law Makes Credit Freezes Free for All Customers

Starting in late September, consumers will be able to "freeze" their credit reports at no cost. A credit freeze restricts public access to a consumer's credit report, making it much more difficult for identify thieves to open fraudulent accounts. Read more at:

Europe's New Copyright Law Could Change the Web Worldwide

Sweeping copyright legislation passed by the European Parliament recently could have impacts beyond Europe. Critics argue that the most controversial part of the proposal will effectively force all but the smallest website operaters to adopt "upload filters" similar to those used by YouTube, to stop users from uploading copyrighted works. Read the full article at:

2 Billion Bluetooth Devices Remain Exposed to Airborne Attack Vulnerabilities

One year after Armis disclosed "BlueBorne," a large number of Android, Linux, and iOS devices remain unpatched. Read more at:

The Increasingly Vulnerable Software Supply Chain

Nation-state adversaries from Iran to Russia have leveraged the supply chain as a vehicle to compromise infrastructure and disrupt businesses. Read the full article at:

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