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The clocks read zero when the lights went out. Read more at Russian Hackers Attack Ukraine

The news often reports on incidents involving large corporations facing massive data breaches where the personal information of millions of consumers was potentially leaked. However, we don't often hear reports about the hacking of small businesses, mainly because these types of attacks aren't public knowledge. Learn more at:

Cybersecurity Spotlight: Gone Phishing

Most phishing emails will start with “Dear Customer” so you should be alert when you come across these emails plus these 10 tips:

  1. Keep Informed About Phishing Techniques - Keep your eyes peeled for news about new phishing scams.
  2. Think Before You Click! - Hover over links that you are unsure of before clicking on them.
  3. Install an Anti-Phishing Toolbar - Most popular Internet browsers can be customized with anti-phishing toolbars.
  4. Verify a Site’s Security - Before submitting any information, make sure the site’s URL begins with “https” and there should be a closed lock icon near the address bar.
  5. Check Your Online Accounts Regularly - Segment your network: Don’t place all data on one file share accessed by everyone in the company.
  6. Keep Your Browser Up to Date - Security patches are released for popular browsers all the time. They are released in response to the security loopholes that phishers and other hackers inevitably discover and exploit.
  7. Use firewalls - High-quality firewalls act as buffers between you, your computer and outside intruders. You should use two different kinds: a desktop firewall and a network firewall.
  8. Be Wary of Pop-Ups - Pop-up windows often masquerade as legitimate components of a website. All too often, though, they are phishing attempts.
  9. Never Give Out Personal Information - As a general rule, you should never share personal or financially sensitive information over the Internet.
  10. Use Antivirus Software - Special signatures that are included with antivirus software guard against known technology workarounds and loopholes. Just be sure to keep your software up to date.

Learn more about Phishing Scams here:

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