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IdahoWorks Data Breach

IDAHO DEPT. OF LABOR - A recent data breach to America’s JobLink (AJL), a multi-state web-based system that links job seekers with employers, has impacted the confidential information of a number of IdahoWorks customers. For details, please visit  America’s Job Link Alliance is setting up a call center with a toll-free number to answer questions from impacted customers.  The number, as well as updated information on the incident, will be available and posted online at

IRS, States and Tax Industry Warn of Last-Minute Email Scams

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry today warned both tax professionals and taxpayers of last-minute phishing email scams, especially those requesting last-minute deposit changes for refunds or account updates.  Stay on guard against suspicious activity and read about some examples of these scams...

Star Trek Ransomware Demands Monero Payments

Security researchers have discovered a new Star Trek-themed ransomware variant requesting the use of crypto-currency platform Monero for payment.  Read the full article...

Need practical day-to-day living cybersecurity protection?

Please refer to Adam Levin at:

Adam Levin Co-Founder |  In Identity Theft, Personal Finance

Adam Levin is co-founder of, and the chairman and founder of CyberScout (formerly IDT911).  His experience as a former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs gives him unique insight into consumer privacy, legislation and financial advocacy.  He is a nationally recognized expert on identity theft and credit, and is the author of "SWIPED:  How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves," a practical, lively book that is essential to surviving the ever-changing world of online security.

Are you being safe when you're online?

There are many resources for individuals to practice online safety.  Check out these links to make sure you're being safe when you're online:

6 Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware is malware that attacks a computer system by locating and encrypting files stored on that computer. The ransomware will then alert the user of the encryption, usually via a ransom note in the form of a pop-up window or a ransom note located with the encrypted files. The ransom note instructs the user to pay the ransom, usually in the form of Bitcoin, in order to decrypt and recover their files. Unfortunately, paying a ransom is no guarantee that the files will be unencrypted.  Ransomware usually is activated by an unsuspecting user that received it in the form of an email attachment or as a link in an email.  More information...

Introduction to Critical Security Controls (CSCs) for Effective Cyber Defense

The Governor of the State of Idaho has officially adopted the use of the Critical Security Controls to improve cybersecurity for the State executive agencies.  The Critical Security Controls (CSCs) are an excellent method for implementing cyber defense.  Learn how your organization can benefit from using the CSCs:

Welcome to the Critical Security Controls

Frequently Asked Questions about Critical Security Controls

Critical Security Controls Handout

Critical Security Controls Master Document

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